• How We Can Support You, the Caregiver

    SILC can help you to navigate through the challenges that come with your loved ones aging process. We provide resources, tools and services for the family that help to save TIME and give PEACE OF MIND!

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    Are you worried that your loved one is lonely? Are you out of state and not able to visit as often as you would like?

    Loneliness is a serious problem among elderly people. As we get older our social network gets smaller and can become non-existent if there are mobility or driving limitations.


    We can help! Our Companions will work to build a relationship with your loved one, based on mutual trust and respect, always having their best interest in mind. Having someone outside of the family to share their feelings, vent frustrations and discuss topics of interest helps to fend off loneliness, provide emotional support and gives them a visit with a friend to look forward to!


    We are an advocate and a friend to your loved one, plus we are a support system to you, helping to make sure the senior in your life is happy, independent, safe and social.



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    Have you ever spent 30 minutes of your precious time (possibly on your already too short lunch hour) managing and scheduling medical appointments for your loved one?

    With SILC you can take your time back!


    We understand how much time it takes to schedule the numerous doctor's appointments needed as we age. SILC will assist you by scheduling and keeping track of needed appointments for your loved one, and even better, get them there safely.


    Our companions will be aware of current medications being taken and any health changes, helping to assist the doctor with an accurate assessment of their current health.


    Companions can take notes, be a second set of ears to keep track of important information, and ask questions that need answers to better their health. We can even video conference a family member via mobile device during the appointment if requested.



    Hire SILC to manage and schedule appointments

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    Do you worry that your loved one is not getting enough exercise, stimulation or healthy meals? Is medication be taken properly and monitored?

    SILC companions will assist with exercise by going on walks, dancing to their favorite music, doing chair exercises, or finding other activities to get your loved one up and moving.


    Grocery Shopping can be a daunting task, especially if you are limited on time. You may want to just run in and run out to get a few items for mom or dad, but they want to take their time to look, compare and read labels. It's a social experience for them. SILC Companions have time and patience and can assist in purchasing ingredients to prepare meals based on dietary restrictions or needs.

    If taking medication is a concern, we will assist them with medication reminders and prescription pick-ups.


    We want to look our best at any age. We can assist with helping to maintain personal appearance (hair brushing/washing or styling), basic nail care, showering or taking your loved one to a professional for nail and hair appointments.



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    Are you worried about clutter or tripping hazards in your loved ones home? Are you afraid expired food is not being thrown out and clothes or linens are not being washed?

    SILC is able to perform light housekeeping duties such as: vacuuming, dishes, home organization, cleaning counters, bathrooms and floors and make sure that the fridge is clean. We can also help eliminate clutter, organize paperwork and make sure that their environment is safe from any type of hazard. 


    Laundry can be a team effort! Together we will work with your loved one to determine what needs to be washed, change bed and bathroom linens and fold and put away clothes.


    Providing a clean and safe environment for you loved one!

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    Social and mental stimulation can help seniors to have a more positive outlook, feel useful and valued, and avoid depression and anxiety too!

    SILC Companions will be creative in activities and ways to keep your loved one socially and mentally stimulated. Whether they like visiting senior centers, going to museums or nurseries, attending club meetings, going on day trips, or playing bingo, we will help to get them involved!


    Helping to maintain self-esteem and sense of worth for your loved one!


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    It's time for your loved one to visit you for the holidays or vacation but you worry how they will navigate their way through the airport.

    SILC can help you set aside those worries by arranging for a companion to travel round trip with your loved one, putting you completely at ease.


    Upon departure SILC companions will get your loved one to the airport, arrange for a wheelchair assistance if needed, help with bag checks, getting through security, to the gate and settled on the plane for take-off. Upon landing SILC will handle getting your loved one to baggage claim and to YOU, making it a stree free experience all around!

     (Additional fees apply for travel companionship)


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    Let us help you, the caregiver, eliminate your worry, give you peace of mind and give you time back!