• About the Owner

    Heather Esham - Owner/Founder

    Heather started SILC (Senior Independent Living Companions) to enrich the lives of seniors by helping them live the life they want to live, inside and outside the home. She has spent 20 years in the event and meeting planning industry, but her longtime passion has been to work with the elderly. Heather has been a hospice volunteer as well as an activity volunteer at several assisted living homes, hosting "game and trivia nights", and other activities to stimulate the mind, generate physical activity and encourage interaction for seniors. Heather is married and the mother of two teenage daughters.



    SILC , Senior Independent Living Companions is a homage to my Grandparents, Bill & Gladys, two of the most special and unique people I have had the privilege to know in my life. I lost them both before I was 20 years old, but in those formative years, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of their knowledge, love, patience and wisdom. The stories they shared and the beauty in their aging faces are still with me 30 years later. Each senior we are fortunate to meet and work with has their own story to share.

    I am fortunate to have an amazing grandmother living and sharp at the age of 94. She provides advice, unique perspectives on life and a sharp wit every time I see her. What I want for her and all Seniors is respect, dignity and quality of life in their Golden Years.

    SILC employees consider themselves an extension of the family and believe in open and honest communication to provide the best companionship and care for you or your loved one.


    SILC's Mission Statement

    To optimize independence and self esteem for seniors, by providing companionship and socialization services that enhance quality of life, helping seniors to stay in their homes as long as possible.